Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Leonides D. Arpon performs with Armitage Gone! Dance in collaboration with Burkina Electric

Armitage Gone! Dance with Burkina Electric: Summer of Love
U.S. Premiere
Lead commissioning E.A.R. Teatro Massimo Vincenzo Bellini di Catania. World premiere December 16, 2008 Teatro Bellini.

With additional commissioning from Lincoln Center for Lincoln Center Out of Doors' open-air preview, August 8, 2008.

“Fiercely pure … Armitage follows a path cleared by George Balanchine … she presents the performers as molten steel cooling into stunning shapes; yet also reminds us that they are not clones of a technique but individuals, with minds, moods, and imperfections of their own.” — The Village Voice
Known for poetic, dreamlike stage productions that combine new dance, music, and art, Karole Armitage has revolutionized classical dance. Armitage Gone! Dance, which includes dancers from Asia, Africa, and Europe, was re-launched in 2005 when Armitage returned to the U.S. after working abroad for 15 years.
Armitage Gone! joins together with Lukas Ligeti’s Burkina Electric for a Dionysian celebration in Summer of Love. Armitage’s mix of off-kilter ballet, club dance, and sensuality ripple out in waves of fracturing crystalline motion. The music by Burkina Electric combines the burkinabĂ© music of Burkina Faso and Western club electronica. Costumes by Peter Speliopoulos take inspiration from the documentary photography of sixties youth culture by Malick SidbĂ© in Mali and the hippie movement in the West.


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